LXV Wine Lounge

Flavor pairings elevate wine tastings at downtown Paso Robles salon.

The Kama Sutra, the Sanskrit treatise on life, love, and pleasure, inspired the richly hued East India–chic decor of the LXV Wine tasting room. The gracious staff and voluptuous interior (there’s also an outdoor patio) provide reason alone to visit. You can taste several of the wines co-owner Neeta Mittal produces with her husband, Kunal Mittal, on their own, but it’s best to elevate the experience by adding Neeta’s flavor pairing to your session.

Spice Education

For the flavor pairing, small cubes of sheep’s cheese lightly dusted with various spices are served with the wines. At a recent tasting, the LXV Umami Blend of black truffle salt, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cocoa, vanilla, sarsaparilla, and Himalayan pink salt accompanied The Spell, a hefty, savory Syrah–Cabernet Sauvignon blend. A gentler mix of Mandarina hops, miso powder, toasted coconut, lemon zest, cayenne, garlic powder, and raw sugar, on the other hand, was the choice for a rosé. The hosts, sometimes Neeta herself, explain why understanding the spicing of a dish is as essential to pairing it with an appropriate wine as knowing the protein.

Tastings at LXV include spice-and-wine pairings.

Old World Approach

The Mittals favor an Old World style of winemaking that emphasizes flavor but focuses on its subtler aspects instead of amplifying fruitiness. Jeff Strekas, also of ONX Wines in southern Paso’s Tin City boutique complex, is the consulting winemaker. Sommeliers applaud the wines for their food-friendliness, but even solo they come across as complex, delicate, and delicious.

Why go: flavor pairings; stylish downtown Paso tasting room; gracious staff; Old World winemaking approach.


LXV Wine Lounge appears in 12 Foolproof Paso Robles Wine Tasting Experiences.


1306 Pine St., Paso Robles 93446

Neeta Mittal outside her downtown Paso Robles tasting room.

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This story originally appeared online in 2017; it was most recently updated in 2023.

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