11 Ways to Find Your Napa

With world-class restaurants, spas, and, of course, winemaking, California’s marquee wine destination is the complete package.

As a travel and wine writer considered in the know about things Napa Valley, people often ask me, “Where should I go?” There’s a perfect Napa visit for everyone from novices to connoisseurs, I always respond, but with hundreds of tasting venues, the key to a fulfilling time is narrowing the options given your interests and budget. And guess what? You don’t have to spend extravagantly to have a good time here. You can splurge, but you don’t have to.

To help you find your Napa, read all 11 suggestions on NAPA Magazine’s website: Part 1Part 2.

Lead photo: Arbor at Bennett Lane Winery, suggestion No. 1.

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